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Let's see if I can post here.

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I was unable to post in the Stories section, I was getting a Database error. I want to see if I can create a new post here.

I cannot create posts in the stories section or other areas. For some odd reaosn ic an create one here. This is more then a little frustrating.

I feel your pain. It is very frustrating. I hate to leave NAK: I've been with this group for years and through several site changes. But if I can't post to our threads, what's the point of staying?

Have you guys ever tried linking up on Google docs? Or messenger? :/ Maybe make a huge group chat with everyone. You could save your stories there most definitely on Google Docs.

That's an interesting idea. We ahve some options we're discussing.

The issue is it's not consistent. At least when I tried it earlier in the day. Some forms I can post in or post replies to existing posts but other areas I can't create posts or replies.


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