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Rejuve Wiki is downw

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What is going on?

It looks like the wiki can't connect to the database server for some reason. At leaszt that's what I get out of the error message I saw when I tried connecting.

Bit late, but to note for those who really need to read some pages, much of the wiki is cataloged on the Wayback Machine. I've been able to read quite a bit of it through there.

And why don't we try to move the content to a wiki hosted on wikia or other service?

Apologies for the slow response folks. So the error was a mystery to me for well over a year now,how ever I recently figured out the problem and will be taking the steps to attempt repairs. As to why we didn't move it,since it contains what is considered mature content we host it on our own server,which can be problematic as my understanding of code is very narrow.


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