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I need help I cannot reply to messages

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I need help as I am not able to reply to any messages as the two step verification is not possible for me to figure out as the question here what is the fifth word in image...

I see no fifth word...

see photo..

Look at the image right below where the question is.  Starting with the word "What" count until you reach the right number.

This time it asked what is letter of fifth kids block I typed k and it said i was wrong..

I exited then returned then it asked the letter of the first block I typed a it worked.

Is there any possible way to do away with this verification process?

I see that they not want a bot be able to do this. but after all  in order to send messages one needs to be logged into the site so should know I am certainly not a bot of any kind.

I find this extremely frustrating...

I can't answer the question about changing the verification system as I am not an admin.

Perhaps an administrator can respond then


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