Please help our website

Okay, so the basics of the system us thus
While there is no way for us to directly add a 'Donation' button at this point we are looking for support!

Now A Kid.Org has been created as a result of kind donations from fans
and while we do not have the means to fun it individually at this point in time we would
like to maintain it.

All we require at our current bandwidth and the content we have on the server is aproximate donations of $5 a month! That is $60 a year! And that small amount will cover all our server and registration costs plus enable us to provide quality support to our members. More than this, even by a little could help us to provide Donation incentives such as Pictures, collectables and the like!

If you wish to see this website function please use PayPal to send $5 or more to theholymessenger[at]
We plan to provide alternate payment methods as time progresses.

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